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Accelerometer and Gyroscope


Accelerometers measure the acceleration along the 3 geometrical axis, usually in units of g (the gravitational acceleration). If you place such a device on a table, without moving it, it should ideally show an acceleration of zero along the x and y-axis and 1g along the z-axis. Different accelerometer ICs are available, some of which are described below. Accelerometers can be used to identify gestures, or they are used in hand phones to determine their orientation.

Gyroscopes measure the rotational speed around the x,y,z axis. Together with the accelerometer they are used to determine the orientation of an airplane, calculating pitch, roll and yaw.

Please consult MagicWand and Magnetometer for more information on the various accelerometer and gyroscope boards available and their connection to the WeMos D1 bus.

-- Uli Raich - 2022-09-03


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