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The st7789_lvgl display driver

The display driver for the t-watch is extremely simple. It provides a frame buffer for lvgl to draw into and it has a flush method to copy the frame buffer to the device. The driver is written in C and uses gen_mpy.py from lv_bindings to generate the MicroPython binding automatically.

Its methods are:

  • init(): initializes the st7789 display controller
  • enable_backlight(on_off): enables of disable the LCD backlight
  • flush(): writes the frame buffer to the device
  • send_cmd(cmd): write a command to the st7789
  • send_data(data): send data to the st7789
  • set_orientation(orientation): where orientation can be:
-- Uli Raich - 2021-01-29


Topic revision: r1 - 2021-01-29 - UliRaich
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